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Canada released the occupational classification of new immigrants, and 3 occupations were deleted
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2022-06-02 09:11:26

The Canadian national classification of occupations (NOC) system will be updated and effective in November 2022. This update will add 16 classes and delete 3 classes.

NOC will introduce 16 occupations eligible for express entry:

1. payroll administrators

2. dental assistants and dental laboratory

3. nurse aides, orders and patient service associates

4. pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants

5. elementary and secondary school teacher assistants

6. sheriffs and bailiffs

7. Correctional Service Officers

8. by law enforcement and other regulatory officers

9. beauticians, erologists and related occupations

10. residential and commercial installers and services

11. pest controllers and fumigators

12. other Repairers and Servicers

13. transport truck drivers

14. bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators

15. heavy equipment operators; and

16. aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors

3 occupations to be deleted by NOC:

1. other performers

2. program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness

3. tailors, dressmakers, furriers and milliners

In addition, the 2021 NOC will change the current class 5 system (NOC 0 a B C D) into a new class 6 system (Teer 0-5); The new system outlines the level of training, education, experience and responsibility (Teer) required to enter each profession.