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Canadian universities ranked prominently in the employment competitiveness ranking of QS graduates i
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2022-03-07 17:03:40

Quacquarelli Symonds released 2022qs graduates' employment competitiveness ranking. This ranking includes 550 colleges and universities, 50 more than last year. It is the largest ranking of graduates' employment competitiveness in QS history. By assessing the employability and prospects of graduates from major colleges and universities, the list can most directly reflect the quality of education and employers' recognition of these colleges and universities. There are five indicators in the list: 1. 30% employer reputation; 2. 25% alumni achievements; 3. 25% of colleges and universities have cooperative relations with employers; 4. 10% employer student relationship; 5. 10% graduate employment rate.

In this year's ranking, Canadian universities performed well, with the University of Toronto ranked 21st, the University of Waterloo ranked 24th, Weston University ranked 43rd, McMaster University ranked 81st and the University of Alberta ranked 99th, all of which ranked in the top 100. Queen's University, Calgary, Montreal, Laval, Carlton, Concordia, dalehouse and Simon Fraser University all made the list and performed well.