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In 2022, IELTS oral English will be tested online
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2022-01-25 10:02:28

Recently, IELTS officially announced that in the new year of 2022, all IELTS oral English offline exams will be cancelled and switched to online exams.

IELTS to online test means that the video dialogue mode will be adopted in the future test, and the face-to-face dialogue mode with the examiner will be cancelled. In the form of epidemic, this mode is safer and more efficient, but this mode of test is not a reduction in difficulty, but the original face-to-face with the examiner will be changed to face-to-face with the examiner by using the video mode,

However, the computer-based test mode is still greatly convenient for candidates, with faster points, flexible test dates, more sufficient registration time, more optional test environments and more intelligence. I hope every candidate can get good results in the New Year!