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More than 27000 Canadian immigrants were invited
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2021-02-15 08:14:34

On February 13, 2021, the fast track express entry (EE) of the Federal Department of immigration of Canada conducted the latest round of immigration screening for the CEC categories that most international students applied for.
This time, we will invite all the 27000 people who have already submitted the application, and the score of extraction is the lowest in history, only 75 points!
What is CEC? The full name is Canadian experience class, which is the Canadian experience class.
Four conditions of CEC are satisfied
1. In the first three years of application, there are more than or equal to one year (1560 hours: 1560 hours according to the requirements of the Immigration Department, it is calculated according to 12 months of a year and 30 hours of work per week) Working experience in NoC 0ab. This work does not need to be continuous, and can also be completed in the part time state.
2. If the type of work is noc0 or noca, the language needs to meet the clb7 equivalent standard (that is, IELTS g gets four sixes)
3. If the job type is NOCB, the language needs to reach Clb5 equivalent standard (i.e. 4 points for IELTS reading, 5 points for writing, listening and reading)
4. Plans to settle outside Quebec
The partners who miss this opportunity don't have to worry. I believe there will be more good things to be gradually introduced.