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University of Canada has entered the 2021 admission season, students also have the following precaut
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2021-01-25 07:53:29

The deadline for university applications in Canada is generally on January 15 every year. The first batch of offer will be issued next. What else should students who have completed the application submit pay attention to?


1、 Auxiliary materials
Although the deadline for university application is January 15, the deadline for submission of materials in different universities is different, which requires students to pay more attention. For example, how many business students need to submit a supplementary application form, and engineering students are required to complete the online student profile. There are other university majors who need to submit works, interview videos and so on.
2、 Admission Office
The offer letter will be displayed in the University account and ouac. It should be noted that the acceptance deadline of each offer is different, and this date will be displayed in the University's offer letter. Students also need to check their mailbox!
3、 Conditional admission and scholarship
When applying for University, students who meet the Enrollment Requirements of the school project, but some specific scores (such as IELTS or TOEFL scores, high school credits have not yet completed) do not meet the school standards will get a conditional admission notice. Students need to meet these specific requirements before entering school and submit relevant grades.
Some schools will automatically register scholarship programs for students. If students meet certain requirements, scholarships will be distributed. Some schools need to apply for scholarship projects by themselves. Students need to pay attention to the application date and the materials submitted.

I wish all of you can get your best offer!