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Secondary school students in Ontario can get a subsidy of $200 and keep distance learning until Janu
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2020-12-23 09:44:38

According to reports from Cp24, global news and other media, the Ontario government said today that it would expand the scope of the student support program. Now, parents of middle school students are also eligible for a one-time subsidy of 200 yuan per eligible child. Previously, the benefit was only available to parents of children aged 12 and under.
Starting in January, students in grades 13 to 12 will be eligible for a one-time benefit of 200 yuan per person, the provincial government said. The money will support students studying in public, private secondary schools and at home to help them offset education spending.
In addition: from December 26, middle school students in Northern Ontario will start distance learning in the new year until January 11, while middle school students in southern Ontario will maintain distance learning before January 25. Applications for secondary school students' benefits will be open from January 11 to February 8.