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From October 20, international students can enter Canada with a study permit
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2020-10-08 07:06:40

On October 2, 2020, Canadian Immigration Minister mendisino, Public Security Minister Blair and health minister haydou announced at a press conference held in Ottawa that, in addition to the customs restrictions currently being implemented, the Canadian government is further strengthening public health management at the border.
Under the premise of ensuring public safety, the Canadian government is implementing a new process to support family reunion, international students and people with humanitarian sympathy to enter Canada.



From October 8, family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to enter Canada.
Eligible family members include:
-People with long-term relationships
-Dependent children
-Adult children
-Brothers and sisters
Immigration Canada (IRCC) said details will be released on its website on October 8, and family members must follow the procedures, apply for authorization and obtain permission to enter Canada.
Before the announcement on the same day, only immediate family members of citizens or permanent residents can enter the country, including:
-Spouse or common law partner
-Dependent children
-Dependent children of dependent children
-Parents and stepparents, including in laws
-Guardian or tutor


From October 20, international students will be allowed to enter the country with a student visa.
Conditions to be met:
Studying at DLI in Canada;
*DLI is an educational institution recognized by Immigration Canada to recruit international students from abroad.
Its institutions have plans to deal with covid-19;
And the program has been approved by the province or region where the institution is located.
After the initial implementation of travel restrictions, only international students who meet the following conditions can enter the country:
Obtain a student visa before March 18, or enter Canada from the United States;
The course includes the parts that must be taught offline, such as experiment class, etc;
International students who do not meet the requirements need to learn through online courses.


For humanitarian reasons, foreign citizens will be able to apply for entry. For example: apply for travel exemption due to funeral and other reasons.
Like all inbound passengers, exempt passengers must be self segregated for 14 days after entering Canada.

Detailed information on who is eligible to be admitted to the extended family and the process requirements for entry into Canada is available on the Canadian immigration website on October 8, 2020. There will be a complete procedure for members of the Canadian extended family who wish to enter Canada, requiring each traveller to apply and obtain authorization before going to Canada.
Information on the approval of entry into Canada for humanitarian reasons and the entry procedures will also be published on the Canadian public health agency website on October 8, 2020.
The Canadian government is gradually opening up its borders and arranging visa holders and tourist visa holders to enter the country in batches with conditions. If you have plans to go to Canada, please apply for all kinds of visa as soon as possible. Although the current examination and approval time is long, but early application, early approval, early entry!