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Macallin 2020 best university in Canada released
Author:canadaboqiao           Time:2020-09-09 17:01:39

MacLean s magazine published the latest Canadian university rankings in 2020. McCullin ranking is the most authoritative and the only university ranking institution in Canada, ranking the best universities in Canada every year.

Ranking index:
1、28% of students' perspective: the proportion of students who have been able to receive national awards in the past five years, such as the Rhodes award and some scholarships.
2、24% from the perspective of Colleges: the number of national level awards won by each college in the past five years.
3、Resource perspective accounts for 20%. On average, every full-time student can get the resources that can be monetized. That means the same school funding, if the school has more people, the ranking will be lower, if the school has fewer people, the ranking will be higher.
4、Student support accounts for 13%. It is used to measure the help and support that students can get, such as the degree of scholarship award and the investment in student infrastructure.
5、The reputation angle accounts for 15%: the satisfaction degree of the school for the students' needs in all aspects + the preparation degree of the graduates before they put into work. The survey included high school teachers and employers. The topics for comprehensive evaluation cover three aspects: teaching quality + Innovation + leadership.

According to the research funding, the richness, depth and breadth of research projects, the University of Canada is divided into three categories: Medical University, comprehensive university and basic university.

Ranking of Medical University


Ranking of Comprehensive Universities


Ranking of Primarily Undergraduate


Top five prestigious universities in 2020

University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, UBC University, McGill University, McMaster University